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Ralentizador series FT

FT series is the safest braking solution for a tractor-semitrailer combination, because all braking power of the electrical retarder is applied at the end of the vehicle, holding the complete unit from the rear, instead of stopping the most of the weight from the front. In this way the dangerous “jackknife effect” is prevented.

The FT unit consist on a special drive axle with two pinions turned by the central crown. One set of coils at each side of axle creates the braking force on the rotors fixed to the outlet flange on each pinion.

The FRENELSA axle with electric retarder replaces one of the dead axles in the semitrailer. It can be equipped with both drum or disc system and is fitted with ABS sensors. It is available for single and double wheels with different tracks.

The FRENELSA axle with electric retarder is approved by TÜV ESSEN (Germany) in accordance with the braking standards of the Community Directive 71/320/CEE in its latest version.


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