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Frenos Eléctricos Unidos, S.A. as a designer, manufacturer and marketer of a product that contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption, to the reduction of vehicle maintenance and to the safety of its users, it assumes in its business process the principle of prevention and minimization to the maximum, of possible harmful effects on the environment.

The execution of the environmental policy commitments is guaranteed by FRENELSA’s environmental guidelines in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.


Commitment 1: Environmental engineering

FRENELSA develops, manufactures and markets products with high environmental engineering in accordance with current environmental legislation and regulations and capable of satisfying the environmental requirements of our customers.

Commitment 2: Care of resources

Our desire is to take good care of resources and use them economically, evaluating environmental damage and reducing it as much as possible. For this, FRENELSA aims to develop a 100% recyclable product.

Commitment 3: Extended Commitment

FRENELSA not only manufactures its product with materials and processes that take care of the environment, but also extends its commitment to its suppliers, so that, to the extent possible, they acquire an environmental behavior similar to ours.

Commitment 4: Maximum durability

The long life of our products is an important part of our active contribution to the sustainable development of our economy. We are convinced that with highly reliable and highly durable products we make a contribution to the optimization of resources.


Guideline 1: People

All the people in the company collaborate in the protection of the environment, for which they are informed and trained on environmental issues. Each collaborator, from their job, gets involved and contributes to the protection of the environment.

Guideline 2: Facilities

Our workplace is adequate in caring for people and the environment that surrounds it. Modern design and manufacturing technology is the most effective protection of people and the environment.

Guideline 3: Product

The correct use of our product is the best way to contribute to reduce the environmental impact that road transport activity generates. Complete and personal advices on its use as well as an important technical knowledge of the product by our distributors contribute the human value to the most advanced manufacturing technology.

Guideline 4: Activity

The most advanced technologies in management, development and manufacturing, at the service of people and the environment. More efficient products using fewer resources to make them. The incorporation of computer systems allows the reduction of raw material, energy and time in the elaboration of prototypes, drawings, documents, etc. All this with the aim of reducing the environmental effect of our activities as much as possible.


Energy for self-consumption

Committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we have implemented renewable energy generation systems for self-consumption at our facilities.